Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all!

Last year I featured a Fall craft I did for my front porch decor using branches from a bush I'd trimmed and some fake pumpkins I already had.  You can see the post from last October in the blog archive on the right.

Banners are pretty trendy so I decided to make a little banner for the entertainment center in our living room.  Of course, with as much scrapbook paper as I have laying around, I was able to find the supplies I needed pretty quickly.

Thankfully I own a Cricut, so I used it to cut the triangles out instead of trying to cut all of them out myself.  Not that it would be a problem to do it myself, but it was significantly faster using the machine.

Pardon the lack of pictures for the step-by-step process.  Usually I try to include these so you can get a good visual, but I was so excited to make this that I completely forgot to take them!

At any rate, I chose paper with a Fall leaf pattern for the background, and a solid tan-ish colored lightweight cardstock for the front.  The solid triangle is about 1/4 inch smaller on all sides than the printed background.

The letters, however, were a MUST to cut using the Cricut, as were the leaf shapes.  You could stencil them on the solid color cardstock or use stickers as well.  But I didn't have either, and I'm trying to use what I already have instead of buying new every time.  That helps keep our budget in check and decreases my rather overly-abundant craft room stock.  I used a dark brown lightweight cardstock for the letters and leaf shapes.

After everything was cut, I used my adhesive tape to put it together.  As you can see, I used a brown marker to draw little 'stitches' around the edges of the light solid cardstock for a little more depth and interest.

Here are a few letters and the leaf design I used.

Using a smaller hole punch I punched holes in the top corners of the triangles so I could thread the twine through it to make the banner.

It was very helpful to measure and cut my twine before putting the triangles on so the banner would be the right width and hang on the entertainment center the way I wanted.  

To make sure the letters and leaves stayed put while they hung, I taped the twine on the back of the triangles.  That way it will stay perfectly for years to come as well.

Living in the South for the last 15 years has my speech pattern a bit in the 'southern' way.  So, instead of using "Happy Fall to You", I decided to use "Happy Fall Y'all".  That adds a little whimsy to the banner as well. is the finished project.  Perfect fit, and perfect little addition to my indoor decor!

Happy Fall Y'all!