Thursday, September 19, 2013

Side-tracked in the Hills

It's been a while since I've been able to get on here, but I wanted to finish sharing my War Eagle Mill day-trip experience.  If you know me, you know that I'm definitely a poster child for A.D.D., and am often distracted by what I see as we drive through the countryside.  This can lead to a number of detours along the way.  It's so easy for me to get side-tracked in the hills, because there's SO much to see there!

We were headed away from the Mill, when I saw a little 'house' stuck to the side of a tree at a 'Y' in the road.  I thought about it long enough to tell my husband that I thought it had books in it, and how it would be neat to see if it was what I thought it was.  So, a few more yards down the road, as I pondered the box out loud - much to my husbands amusement (and most likely annoyance) - my husband glanced at me and asked the question he already knew the answer to. 

Hubby:  "Do you want me to turn around so you can go see it?" 
(He knows I do.)
Me:  "No, it's okay.  There's really no good place to turn around here." 
(Yes - I do.)
Hubby:  "I can turn around right up here if you want to check it out." 
(He knows I want to - badly.)
Me:  "No.  It's not that important.  Just go on." 
(It's getting to me - I want to see it.)
Hubby:  "But you want to go see it, don't you?" 
(Oh how he knows me too well.)
Me:  "Kind of.  But I don't have to." 
(Well of course I want do!  And now I think I have to.)
Hubby:  "But you want to.  You want to touch it, don't you?" 
(At this point he's making fun of me.)
Me:  "Yeah.  I do.  Is it okay?" 
I'm all giddy with excitement by now and can hardly sit still.)
Hubby:  "Of course it's okay!  Turning now!"
(Insert sheepish grin here because he knew he was going to have to turn around anyway and wanted to see how antsy I'd get.)
Me:  "Oh thank you-thank you-thank you-thank you!" 
(I'm literally bouncing in my seat at this point.)

As he pulled far enough off the road to be safe, he waited in the car as I jumped out to see the little house.  At first glance from the car, all I could see was the sign that said "City of War Eagle Public Library".  I knew that the little house couldn't be the actual public library, when it dawned on me that it must be on of the "Little Free Library" houses I'd read about long ago. 

This may not excite you, but I'm an avid book lover, so the thought of a convenient place for people to share that same love is really cool to me.  As I mentioned, I'd read about the "Little Free Library" program before, and thought it was a clever idea, with people sharing books for free, all being exchanged through a clever little mini lending library.

Isn't it cute?!

If you are interested in finding out more about the "Little Free Library" program, you can read more about it at their website:

Traveling with me must be exhausting for my husband!  Ha!  But bless his heart, my wonderful hubby made me happy with that little side-track adventure.  Brownie points for him, and pure delight for me!

Now go enjoy a book!

Monday, September 2, 2013

This is the day which The LORD has made

"This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24 (NASB)

Today was Labor Day, and it was a beautiful, sunny, cooler (83 degrees F) summer day.  My wonderful husband decided to take half the day off with me.  Hooray!  We don't get much time off together, so we take it when we can.  Since he'd never been to the War Eagle Mill, we headed there to see the Mill, do some hiking and enjoy ourselves.

Let it be noted that I've received no remuneration for this post or any content therein, by War Eagle Mill or anyone else.  I just can't help but share this beautiful place!

If you've never been, you really need to go.  Of course as the water was running, so was the water wheel that allows the mill to grind the natural, organic grains they are famous for.  It's neat to see a working grist mill, and nice to see their support of healthy products.

For their Labor Day Celebration they had a wonderful country singer, Ronny Gibbons, on their front porch, entertaining everyone.  It made for a very nice atmosphere, and we made sure we tipped him for his hard work and talent.

War Eagle Mill also has a cute little restaurant on the third floor called "The Bean Palace Restaurant".  They boast freshly made, USDA organic food.  We had their Beans, Cornbread and Slaw meal.  After all, when the place is called "The Bean Palace", isn't it only courteous to have the beans?  You could tell that the cornbread was made with their own ground corn, and it was delicious - as were the beans.  Sorry there are no pictures of the restaurant or food.  I was too busy eating and enjoying conversation with my darling husband to take pictures.

Next to the Mill is a neat one lane bridge that's been there since 1908.  Here you can see it as you look over the Mill's water wheel.  Apparently the river water must have been wonderful, because there were people swimming, playing, and sitting in it, rejoicing in the day as well!

Of course, after we finished our delightful meal, we had to walk across it and see the incredible views up and down the river.  That handsome man is my amazing husband, and love of my life.  We held hands as we crossed and enjoyed the beauty like two young lovers exploring God's splendor.  Have I mentioned that I love this man? 

The beauty around us was so inspiring, and as we looked back over the river to the Mill, we were blessed with this view.

It was like having a piece of the New England countryside that I remember from years ago delivered right to me today!  So beautiful - yes?  Yes!

I hope that you have been able to get out and enjoy the splendor God has brought to you!  If not, do it soon!  Take that time.  Be glad!  Enjoy your life! 

For indeed, this is the day which the Lord has made, we certainly rejoiced in His might splendor, each other's company, and were quite glad in it!

Love and peace to you all!

(If you'd like more information about The War Eagle Mill you can find them online at

(While I don't profess to be a photographer by any means, I wanted to remind everyone that all pictures on my blog are my original work and thereby protected under copyright laws.)