Friday, September 19, 2014


What is it that drives women apart?  Why is it that some of the meanest, harshest, ugly-hearted people we women know are other women?

The simple "Sunday School" answer is SIN.  Yes - obviously - it is sin that brings any negativity in our lives.  Because we are all human, all fallible, and will somehow hurt one another either unintentionally, or heaven forbid - intentionally.  It's just an unfortunate fact of life.

But the answer is more than just SIN.  The answer comes much deeper than I can even touch in my little post here.  So I'll merely skim the surface on a few things that are at the forefront.

We need to Release, Remove, and Relieve.

It starts in our Past.

Somewhere, somehow, a woman in our past has most likely hurt us in some way. Whether it is by words or actions, we've been on the receiving end of another woman's wrath.  This hurt from our past is something we continue to carry for many years.

So how do we deal with this type of hurt?  Have you heard people say "It's in the past! You need to get over it!"?

That's easier said than done, and while some are able to shrug past hurts away, others may need more to help them release that baggage.  If the hurt is too deep to overcome on your own, professional therapy may be what you need to help you work through this hurt, find a way to forgive, and allow you to move one with your life.  It's time to let go of the hurt and embrace the healing.  To finally let it go. Don't make me start singing that song!  You know the one.....

It's time to Release ourselves from what has hurt us in our past so we can not hurt others in the present.

It happens in the Present.

While there are those we'll never know are hurting, there are some who seek to spread their hurt to other people.  I have yet to make it a full week without being on the receiving end of some woman's negativity.  Most often this comes from total strangers, but occasionally it comes from women I know.

I work in retail, so I learned how to deal with ugly-hearted people and not let it bother me on a personal level.  It's important to learn how to handle negative people without letting them get us down.  If I can help change their attitude with compassion and kindness, I do.  But if there is a bad situation I can't deal with and need to just walk away from, I do that.  And that's okay.  For my personal life, I prefer to be around people who lift me up - not tear me down.  So I remove myself from women who bring hurt into my life, and surround myself with those who help my life, my testimony, and who genuinely spread love instead of strife.

It's time to Remove ourselves from the hurtful situations in our lives so we can stop the madness now and prevent it in our future.

It can happen in the Future.

Let's face it - there are a lot of hurting women out there.  There are a lot of women who continually radiate negativity, hurt, and hatred among other women.  We are going to encounter these toxic people no matter what we do or where we are.  It's a sad state of affairs indeed.  But there is hope. Hope for us and for our future.

Just because other women hurt us doesn't mean we need to follow suit and hurt other women.  There are a lot of us who seek to stop the cycle of hurt and make the change to a more positive, life-affirming world.  One of the most delightful quotes I've heard is one that I use frequently.  I first heard it on the introduction to the "Marie" show, by Marie Osmond.  She said "It's time we stopped competing with each other and started completing each other."  You've got it spot on Marie Osmond! I wholeheartedly agree!

It's time to Relieve our lives of the hurt we women bring to other women - right here - right now!

Imagine the power we women can have!  Imagine the love we can spread!  Imagine the support we can give!  Imagine the joy we can embrace!  Imagine the life we can love living......when we Release...Remove...Relieve!

Ladies!  Let's "stop competing with each other and start completing each other"!

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