Thursday, August 18, 2016

"God Gave Us Thankful Hearts" Book Review

Let me begin by saying I am in love with this book!

"God Gave Us Thankful Hearts" is the latest in the 'God Gave Us...' series by Lisa Tawn Bergren.  And it's perfectly set to arrive for reading during this Autumn season!  

Lisa Bergren carries on with the delightful, heartwarming, lesson-teaching books to which I've grown accustomed.  Her writing style hits true to the feelings and concerns of children and parents alike, and the illustrations done by David Hohn are colorful, attractive and fun.

While most of Bergren's 'God Gave Us...' book feature bears, "God Gave Us Thankful Hearts" features a wolf cub named Little Pup.  The book is set in the Great North Woods, where Little Pup and his parents live.  It is Autumn, and they are anticipating the coming 'hibernating season'.  Little Pup is sad because so many of his friends will go away to hibernate soon and he won't have anyone to play with.

His mother reminds him of all the beautiful colors of Fall, and the friends he will have in Winter.  She reminds him that "there's a reason for us to be thankful in every season". As they go about their day, and the various activities therein, he's reminded about all the fun, good things Autumn and Winter bring.  His mood is lifted and Little Pup gradually shifts from sad to thankful.

Through their fun activities and reminders of God's provisions, I found myself shifting my focus to thankfulness as well.  So, while this book is written for children, we adults can learn and enjoy it just as much as the little ones to whom we are reading (or who are reading to us).

We can all use a reminder to look more on the bright side of life
and be grateful for all God provides!

It was my pleasure, honor and privilege to receive "God Gave Us Thankful Hearts" from Blogging for Books to review before its release date.  I'm so very grateful to have read and reviewed it, and to have it in my library for anyone else to read.  My grandchildren are going to love it!

"God Gave Us Thankful Hearts" by Lisa Tawn Bergren releases on August 23rd, and I suggest you run to your local store or order it online as soon as it does!  This is a MUST for any child's (or grandparent's) library!  I'm so glad I have it in mine, and I'll be adding it to my grandchildren's collection of Lisa Bergren 'God Gave Us...' books.

Click on the book below and you'll be sent to a site where you can choose which online source from which to order.

To see the other 'God Gave Us...' books, as well as more of what
Lisa Tawn Bergren has written, visit the author's website HERE!

"God Gave Us Thankful Hearts" gets a big 'two thumbs up' from me!  Happy reading!

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