Friday, August 26, 2016

"Someone Like You" Book Review

There can never be too many Christian Romance books to read, and discovering new authors is great. I had such a great discovery with Victoria Bylin, who writes both contemporary and historical romances.  Her book "Someone Like You" is worth your time.

The story is about Julia Dare, a single mother, who owns and runs her own event-planning business, and is a new Christian.

Our other main character is Zeke Monroe, who had been a strong christian influence in his younger years, but strayed away from God.  He's the general manager of a financially-struggling historic California resort called Caliente Springs.

A big account from Julia's business sends her to Caliente Springs, where the two meet.  Again.  Yes - they had been college sweethearts, and along the way their relationship bitterly ended.  This would be their first encounter with each other since their college days.

With Max, the father of Julia's young son, causing problems, there's conflict interjected in real-life scenarios throughout the book.

There's a hopeful relationship between Julia's widowed mother and one of the owners of the resort, and of course, there's an attraction between Zeke and Julia that is hindered by their past.  Only a clear understanding of exactly what went wrong in their past and forgiveness can help them overcome their fears and doubts with one another.

This is a wonderful modern romance that has great Christian undertones of faith and forgiveness, and a nice relationship-redemption story.

I was privileged to receive this book as part of the Bethany House blogger program in exchange for a review.  I'm glad they sent it.  I can honestly say that it was a good read, and one I recommend buying!

I give "Someone Like You" a 'thumbs up'.  It was a joy to read!

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