Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Nourishing Meals" Book Review

This cookbook is really a wonderful resource.  We have people in our family who have food intolerance, sensitivity, and food allergies, so I wanted to have something on hand to prepare food for them. When I saw this cookbook I was attracted to the thought of whole, wholesome, allergen-free cooking.

There are many recipes for meats, veggies, meals, breads, smoothies, desserts and more!  The ingredients are easy to find, and the recipes are easy to follow.  Not only are these good for ensuring safe eating for those with food issues, they are really good, whole, wholesome foods.  Even if you do not have allergies or intolerance to specific foods or ingredients, you can use this cookbook for great recipes overall.

In addition to the recipes, they have information about different, common food allergies.  They address processed foods, the importance of whole foods, organics, and eating a "plant-rich" diet. There is information about gluten intolerance - which is becoming quite common - and the symptoms, where it may be hidden in foods, and what it's all about.  The authors provide information on why food allergies and sensitivities are on the rise, food additives, toxins, gmo, and the effects all of these have on our bodies.

So as well as being very informative to explain the process and effects of food intolerance, allergies, and sensitivities, you get recipes to use that will help ensure you're eating well, and eating within your own - or other's - sensitivities.

I was privileged to receive this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a review.  My review is honest, unbiased, and I do recommend this cookbook for everyone!

"Nourishing Meals" gets a 'thumbs up' for certain!

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