Monday, July 29, 2013

Slipping feet?

My husband is a hard-working man, for which I'm very grateful, but for which I sometimes get frustrated as well.  My concern is usually that he works too hard, and doesn't take enough time off.  Summer is his busiest time of year, so it's absolutely crazy.  For him, work weeks can be 6 and sometimes 7 days long.  Most days begin before dawn and end after dusk.  Sometimes he even comes in after it's been dark for a while, having worked with a headlamp clipped to his ball cap.
In an effort to get my husband to take time off every once in a while, we made the decision to purchase a used pontoon.  We saved up for it, and were able to get it this summer.  Having sat without being used for a year, the motor needed quite a bit of work, something that was unexpected and for which we weren't prepared.  If you've ever owned a boat, you know that any motor work on them quickly gets expensive.  When the boat was ready and I found out the amount of the bill, I didn't know how we'd get it paid.  We had cashed in our change jar and it wasn't the amount needed.  Then my husband remembered he had some tool-related items he no longer needed.  He asked if the boat repairman would barter for the difference.  The Lord answered again as the repairman said yes, and we were ready to go!
My husband spent most of the day on the boat, and we joined him for some much-needed family time in the afternoon.  It was nice to have that time for fun and relaxation on the lake, and it was wonderful to see him take time off for himself.  The investment has already been worthwhile, and it will continue to be each time we are on the lake.
When I was awakened this morning I didn't feel well, and began the day grumpy.  While at church, I found myself a bit emotional, as I worshiped our great God, and humbly thanked Him, feeling unworthy of His grace and provision.  During the invitation I spent time in prayer with Him, asking His forgiveness for the times I've failed him.  At the end of the day I found myself teary-eyed at the heart-tugging moments of a few television shows, not certain why they affected me so strongly. 
Each time the emotions swept over me, I'd ask the Lord to help me remember the joy, strength and peace He so willingly has available for me.  To say that I'm a bit emotional today is a bit of an understatement.  Whether it is the reduction in medication, or an overwhelming sense of humbled gratitude is a toss up.  Even though I don't know the exact reason, the Lord does, and I'm sure He has it all in the progression of His plan.  
You see, the Lord is always here for us, and when we rely on Him, He provides what we need to keep from falling down completely.  On this I rely, especially on emotional days like today.  While my feet may have slipped in the lake, my spiritual 'feet' were held steady by God.  He is our protector, our comforter, and remains vigilant at all times.
Psalm 121:3 (HSCB) "He will not allow your foot to slip; your Protector will not slumber."
Thank you Lord, for being my foothold, my Protector, and my ever-present, ever-vigilant God!

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